Electronic composer, Drummer, Visual designer.
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Grayscaleye is my solo project where I perform using drums, samplers and visuals.
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Luca Bottigliero is a musician and designer who has joined many artists including Massimo Pupillo (Zu), Adriano Viterbini (Bud Spencer blues explosion), Giorgio Canali, One dimensional man, Lucertulas, as composer and live/studio session man. Since 2016 he started his solo project under the alias “Grayscaleye”, mixing electronic music, percussions and visual.
"With this latest production, I have finally been able to embrace my dual nature as a musician and designer. Over the years, the project has undergone many changes, both in terms of style and lineup. I was still searching for a form that would come close to my idea of performance. Thanks to technology, I was finally able to rethink the concept from scratch. I wondered what would happen if I combined music, visuals, and hybrid drums. The result is what you will hear and see live." - L.B.

Electronica, Synthwave, Instrumental, IDM, Noise, Drone, Experimental, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Vaporwave, Synth & Dream Pop, Avant Pop, Witch House, Down-Tempo.
Edless - Zero 
(Grayscaleye Remix)
I had the pleasure of reimagining Edless’ original track Zero from the album "Editing a Dream”. In this remix, I’ve subtly transformed Edless’ sound and vocals, providing my perspective on it.
Released February 27, 2024
Music Remixed, Written, Played, Recorded,
Mixed, and Mastered by Grayscaleye.
Cover Artwork - Phonograph.it
Original version composed by Edless:
Vocals and Lyrics by Fabio Maria Bovini
Original version recorded at BlapStudio (Milan) by Antonio Polidoro
Produced by Giorgio Pasculli and Edless
Mixed by Taketo Gohara and Giorgio Pasculli
(ft. Adriano Viterbini)
"#4A4ABD (feat. Adriano Viterbini)" is the brand-new single, in collaboration with a special guest who's a member of Bud Spencer Blues Explosion and a longtime collaborator of artists such as Rokia Traoré and Nic Cester. The track is now available on all major digital platforms.
#4A4ABD (feat. Adriano Viterbini)
Released November 21, 2023 
The Song was Written, Played, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Luca Bottigliero. Adriano Viterbini: Chorus Guitar solos
Cover Artwork - Phonograph.it
A New Path 
(ft. Massimo Pupillo)
"A NEW PATH (feat. Massimo Pupillo)”, is the name of the new single I have recorded with a very special guest and member of ZU and many others. Available now on all digital stores.
A New Path (feat. Massimo Pupillo)
Released September 16, 2023 
The Song was Written, Played, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Luca Bottigliero. 
Massimo Pupillo: Bass, Echoes and Textures.
Cover Artwork and Prompt design by Phonograph.it
#1ACAD4 is the title of the single, available from February 27, 2023 on major streaming platforms. The title is a hexadecimal color code and is part of a broader concept that will characterize the videos and live activities, focusing on the interaction between audio, visual, and design. The song was written, performed, recorded and mixed by Luca Bottigliero, who also designed all the visuals related to the single. The mastering was done by Giovanni Versari (Grammy 2016 for Muse's 'Drones').
Released February 27, 2023
The Song was Written, Played, Recorded and Mixed
by Luca Bottigliero.
Mastered by Giovanni Versari.
Cover Artwork - Phonograph.it
(first record 2016)
The album will be released by the label Casa Lavica Records. Grayscaleye represents the convergence of the raw energy that characterizes Luca Bottigliero's live performances and his compositional aptitude, which leans towards experimental electronic sounds. The countless influences evident in each track make this album a polychromatic experience, far from being considered 'black and white,' as one might perceive from the project's name and the album itself. The record comprises 9 songs that blend the intensity of noise and industrial with the restlessness of math rock and the syncretism of electronic music. The album was recorded and mixed by Luca Bottigliero, except for vocals and drums, which were recorded at the Dirty Sound Studio in Verona. Mastering was handled by Giorgio Canali.
Sentire ascoltare
“Grayscaleye is the meeting point between the impetuosity that distinguishes Luca B.'s live performances and his compositional attitude, closer to experimental electronic sounds.” 
"Every time the drums kick in, they hit hard, and the guitars have the weight of Deathwish-style bands, but everything is enveloped in a soft synth fog and caressed by unabashedly melodic vocal lines."
Il Mucchio
"An undoubtedly interesting project to follow in its future developments, with this eponymous debut already presenting several noteworthy aspects."
"The debut album by the drummer of Lucertulas is for those who love chaos but are not afraid of emotions, and vice versa."
"Grayscaleye" swallows the most abrasive post-grunge matrices of the American West Coast to regurgitate them, exponentially more alkaline, in an electrifying outfit."
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